About Hong Kong Mask

Stepping into 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic is unprecedented. As one of the HKers, we shall take steps proactively to combat instead of complaining. With over a decade of experience dealing with garment manufacturing and production lines, we established Hong Kong Mask Co., Ltd. to fight resolutely for survival.

Sacrifice Ourselves in Crisis

There were only 8 to 10 days from the epidemic outbreak to the mask shortage. To make this resolute investment decision in such a short period of time, including purchasing machines, setting up the qualified factory and production line, searching raw materials, applying for certificates, forming the sales and legal team, we have stumbled along the way. We not only encountered the price hike, but many helping hands from people who share the same value. All along, we repeatedly tested in a prudent and cautious approach for every single detail – to help with care, and not to make good things bad.

Time Won’t Leave a Mark

We hope COVID-19 will pass as soon as possible, just like the calm comes after the storm. One day, no one will mention the brand Hong Kong Mask; the next generation will not know the meaning of BFE; no one will care what meltblown nonwoven fabrics is. Everything is back to normal – this is the greatest blessing for the times.

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