What is Group Buying Masks 

1. Delivery date will be negotiated by both parties according to production capacity and the number of queued orders

2. Accept Group orders under the names of companies, organizations and individuals

3. Buyers and the seller need to sign a sales contract to protect both parties

40% of contract sum as deposit

Why Group Buying Masks

1. Cheaper than retail – the price of group buying masks is cheaper than the retail price in general because it saves us lots of time for handling transactions and responding to queries.

2. To lock up delivery date – in general, bulk orders will not be affected by the queuing status of retail orders, and product delivery dates are guaranteed in sales contracts. It is also expected that bulk orders will be produced and delivered first.

3. To lock up selling price – regarding the soaring price of raw materials lately, the price of Hong Kong Mask purchasing melt-blown non-woven fabrics is also unstable. As the supply of raw materials has become the biggest challenge in mask production, it is expected that the material price will only go up before the epidemic recedes. In this case, group buying can lock up the selling price of masks by sales contracts.

4. NGO discount – if you can provide an NGO license or any certificates that can be proved for voluntary community services, 10% of group purchase discount would be offered. (We, Hong Kong Mask Co., Ltd., reserve the right of final decision)

For more details on group buying masks, please contact our sales team